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  Classes tailor-made for you  

About our courses

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Classes are taught at your child's school by a qualified English Teacher. They last 1 hour, weekly and are scheduled around your school's yearly academic calendar. 

Our classes are group classes. Average group size is 10 students (this number varies depending on demand). We offer 4 levels* based on the CEFR (see column to the right),

*the levels we offer at the school will depend on demand.

Each class is tailor-made to suit the interests and language needs of the students. Our classes are friendly, offer plenty of English speaking opportunities and you can make new friends. 

Our courses are not exam-based so you can relax and enjoy learning English. Course completion certificates are awarded at the end of each term to all students.

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Classes are organised via the Google Classroom online platform. Your teacher will give you the join code at the start of the course and you can use it to communicate easily with your teacher and classmates and to access class resources. 

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How we level

We use the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) as an indication of each of the class levels. Your teacher will be able to informally assess you to ensure you are in the right class.

Not sure which level might suit you? See below for descriptions on our classes.

Choosing the right course

Please see below descriptions for each of the 4 levels that we offer*:

  Level A1 - Elementary Course    
  Level A2 - Pre-Intermediate Course 

Studied English before but feel like you have forgotten it? These classes will give you a recap on phonics, pronunciation and will cover topics that interest you. There will be plenty of opportunity to practice speaking in class so that you can feel more confident talking to teachers and other parents. 

  Level B1 - Intermediate  Course  

Need a brush up on your English language? These lessons will focus on the English language that you need to communicate with other parents and teachers as well as use it in the wider community. It will cover topics that you find relate to you and are relevant to your life here in KL. Be prepared to learn new idioms which you can use to impress your friends and increase your confidence in the English language. 

  Level B2 - Upper Intermediate Course  

Do you already have a good understanding of English and would you like to continue to develop your speaking, listening and reading skills? Then this level is for you. These lessons will focus on idiomatic language as well as cover important grammar which will make you feel more confident when using English in your day-to-day lives.

  • Tailor-made to suit the needs of the class.

  • Held conveniently at your child's school during school hours.

  • 1 hour weekly.

  • Scheduled around the school calendar.

  • Taught by a qualified and experienced native English Teacher.

  • Have an end of Term celebration and students awarded with course completion certificates.

All courses are:

Do you have basic English? This course will help you get comfortable using English. It will cover the foundations from phonics and pronunciation to greetings and day-to-day communicating, with many chances to practice speaking. Lessons are flexible to include topics that interest you and are taught in a friendly environment to help you grow in confidence. 

*All courses are subject to number of students enrolled at time of registration. Minimum and maximum students per class is dependent on demand and school facilities. Places on courses are offered on a first-come first-serve basis. Waiting lists may apply on popular levels.

Interested to join but not sure which level you are at?

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