Who we are   


Welcome note

A warm hello from Natasha Viñales, the Director and Lead Teacher at Parent English International. Natasha is a qualified English Language teacher from the UK and has over 10 years experience of teaching English to EAL students in the UK, China and Malaysia. She is passionate about adult education and uses her in-depth knowledge of international school education to bridge the gap between non-English speaking parents and international schools. This helps strengthen the communication between home and school whilst supporting families in their English language learning journey. Natasha founded Parent English International in 2017 and has since offered over 100 families English language education and support during their child's international schooling. A true linguist herself, having studied several languages (Spanish, Italian, Polish, Mandarin, French and now Malay) she understands the challenges and rewards of learning a new language and the importance it has in communication.

Our Aim

At Parent English our goal is to provide English Language learning opportunities to the parents of international school children here in KL. 

We understand the challenges that non-native English parents face when settling their family into a new environment and their child(ren) into a new school. 

We are here to help support parents along their journey by offering tailor-made courses, which are conveniently held at their child's school, during school hours and scheduled around the school's holidays. 

We intend to develop the English language skills that our students require in order for them to have the confidence to communicate with teachers, school staff and the wider community.

Accessing their child's education is essential for all parents and through our language programme we endeavour to teach the language they need in order to do so.

Finally, we know how hard it can be to access social groups without a common language, therefore not only do we provide a warm and welcoming environment to make it easy to create friendships inside of the classroom, but also offer plenty of language support for them to use outside of the classroom, further integrating them into the school community. 

More than anything we empathise with parents and their demanding schedules, and so we ensure our classes are fun, useful and applicable to their day-to-day lives. 

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